Is Codevita drive off campus?

how could one know this stuff ? . they neither discuss anything about project ,nor did they asked question related to my resume . they just asked what they wanted to for ex: what is class collaboration? @

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Yep. TCS didn’t mention the job description, technologies we will work upon, salary, etc.
Even I wasn’t asked about my projects and the questions that I solved in CodeVita. Some of my questions were:
"If a key in your keyboard stops working, what will you do?"
"What is Digital Marketing?"

Our TPO never shared the placement policy via notice, with his signature/stamp on it. Just whatsapp messages. He never talked to our class regarding placement process.
Later he senda a super long email that says “One man - one job”. That too does not describes the placement policy properly.
Some of my friends were scolded by the TPO for applying in companies with higher packages. And some other students who secured more than 1 job have been told nothing.


Yes, Exactly. Same happened with me. My interview went well but the funny thing was that neither of the 3 interviewers asked my resume. So they interviewed me without my resume. But, if you see, TCS is a mass recruiter. So, very few or no other company generally runs this mush big mass recruitment drives. They selected around 16,000 students from codevita 1st round (let’s only consider 4th year students only), they have to conduct interviews at such a large scale. Thus, some of the interviewers only check your communication skills, problem solving skills and cs core subjects knowledge. That’s it.