Is Codevita drive off campus?

I am curious to know whether placement though code-vita is considered on-campus or off-campus?
Is it something like codevita in premium college is on campus and vice-versa?

HOw can codevita can be considered as on campus In some clg and off campus in some other clg?

Google search the meaning of off campus and on campus and if your college is saying that it’s oncampus send them meaning of the same.


want to know how your clg treat? @shark_wizd

Codevita, NQT everything is offcampus. Only companies which visit your campus and let only students of your college sit for it, it is oncampus

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true . but in our case scenario is different. @


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they are saying that it is on campus and is not allowing to sit in the placements process further since I got ninja offer through codevita @

Did they take interview for digital role of students who gave good performance in interview in your college?

Apne haq ke liye lado

the TP dept want maximum students to get placed they just care about the numbers to showcase.
Since you gotta ninja offer through codevita, the job’s been done from their side and they will play every possible moves to increases the chances for other students

Man, your T&P cell is misguiding students. Codevita is strictly offcampus. Confront them regarding this.

thank you so much, guys for replying @s @ashhark_wizdmtish_kaur @girok @kushal_13 means a lot to me. had conversation about the same with tpo,
will let you know what happens?

TCS will send details of hired ones to the college for obvious purposes. TCS came in our college to promote CodeVita participation in 2018 and we also were not allowed for future on-campus drives. They will allow if some on-campus company is offering comparatively high package.

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The TCS codevita drive is considered as On-campus. The reason is quite clear, TCS has established direct contact link with the TPO of respective colleges. I am not sure about those college which are not in touch with TCS. But this question was raised by one of the candidate during candidate briefing (just 2 day before the codevita interview), and HR said that hiring through codevita will be considered as On-campus only. So, you can still go for companies which offers higher package than TCS in your college. But still, things are not clear. One thing I can say is, if your college is a premium college or if your college’s TPO is connected with TCS in some or the other way, then it will be considered as On-campus hiring.

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@dplyr brother, the thing in many clg it is treated as off-campus . So how it is possible that some clg treat it on campus and some treat them as off-campus?
also adding to that in codevita there is no mention of package as well . also they did not bother asking me in the interview my salary expectation and simply ruined my entire placement.

Htf is all india hiring considered as on campus hiring, they are in touch with TPO makes it oncampus, utter bs.

I think salary is fixed for ninja and digital. So, they will never ask your expectation.

This what hr told us… What can we do in this?

agree ,this happens when when they would mention for what role we r interviewed for .but as far as I could remember nothing has been said before the interview of codevita .

We all were interviewed for digital role. But, if we don’t stand up to their expectations, then they give ninja. And if we are worst, then they reject us. Is this not fine?