Is my Iq good for CP?

Hey everyone. I was just wondering, is my 130 iq enough for being a red coder and participating in prestigious competitions?

Yes : )

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Why don’t you participate in those contests and see it yourself?
Rather than asking people about it.
Your limits and capabilities are only decided by you, not someone else.


No at all! To prove that a counterexample is enough and I know a really smart guy (a friend of mine) who doesn’t know how to code and of course someone who doesn’t know how to code is not a red coder or even a coder. I know…there is a weak point in my argument: you may not meet my friend, but you may meet another guy in the same situation, if you don’t I can introduce you my friend.

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statements people make for getting Upvotes and Absolutely answer nothing about the question asked

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I’m not sure what your comment is related to, I don’t see any mention to the topic of the post in your comment. Anyway … I’m surprised at your lack of shame … you’ve been caught cheating! At least try not to disturb the forum like you did with the ranking.

If an explanation of my comment is needed, I can try to make it less ironic.
Of course, a high IQ is not enough. It takes really hard work. You must study, practice, etc. All this is implicit in my irony.
I can understand if someone does not like ironies, but I think they have the advantage of causing a little shock and sometimes that is good to make an idea more evident.

Where do you guys go to test IQ?

caught cheating LOL ! My ratings are still intact and I have received no emails regarding the same
PS What you answered about iq level now was the answer the person who started this question expected .

@admin here he is :point_up_2:

accepts he cheated. screenshot


I am working as hard as I can :slight_smile: I was just curious about the Iq part, I assure you that I am working hard.

Did you make an account just to post this question?

No lol I have an account for 2 months

LOL you don’t know the cute story bro ! PS It no where mentions that I cheated ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

you would have denied this fact if you had not cheated.

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He said “LOL”, he made an irony

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I have denied enough in the past bro ! That;s what am telling you don’t know the story @carre is accusing falsly


come no…denying again?! Really you need all links again?? This was the closer to an apology you have been…

That is related to the plagiarism you have been caught in January and the one that admin exposed you in the formu…that post that you deleted, remember now?


Sad to see that you dropped from 5 stars to 4 star :frowning: ! I wish You get back your star this long challenge ! PS I I was talking about the recent contests ! not Jan Long

I was going to post the same thing as a comeback after his reply.

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