Is node is fine to use for practice here?

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good.

I have recently started using codechef for practicing coding, i use JavaScript in my day to day routine,

And i’ve read some threads that node isn’t a good language to use on codechef, can anyone clarifies thing is it fine to use node here or i need to pickup some different language,

Any suggestion what are the alternatives which can be easy to pickup ?

P.S:- Ideally reading a whole new language just for practise and no day to day use is kind of feel waste of time, if codechef isn’t right place ( which i hope not the case ) is there any other resource which has the same quality of question as codechef has.

You have to start c++ as in some problems the some languages can give you TLE with same logic due to inappropriate multipliers (you may already know this). Moreover resources for cp are mostly based on c++ it will help you learn quickly .

Thanks for reply,

Yeah sad part of JS :confused:

The main problem i am seeing in starting learning a completely new language, just for practice isn’t gonna help much, as my day to day routine is more oriented towards JS or similar language.

So all i was thinking is if i can get same sort of quality question where language isn’t a barrier then i could focus on concepts directly instead of learning a new language from scratch and then solving problems. In simple words it’s an overhead :confused: