Is Python good for Competitive Programming?

Hello…Currently i doing coding with python…Recently i’m started learning DS & ALGO…is python good for that???..Many people suggested CPP…Give me some tips & ideas to do better coding with python…Thanks in Advance…

My experience is that Python is just fine. If your algorithm is inefficient (say, running in O(n^2) instead of O(n)) then this will kill the performance both in Python and C++.

Thanks for your rply bro…implementing graph,tree are easy in python??

go for cpp.

Suggest some learning materials,tutorials like that…Thanks bro…

Youtube has many good tutorials…

You can go with any language on CodeChef, its up to you
because codechef respects every language and sets time limit for every language different according to your need but in case of Codeforces , it sets same time limit to each and every language. If you really want to go beyond grandmaster, then definitely go with cpp and if not you can go with any language I have seen so many masters on codeforces who uses Python only.
(I also uses Python only, cpp in very rare case)
All languages are good


python has many built in functions , so it’s comparatively easy to code in python , but if you ask me , i would suggest to use c++ for learning dsa . It will improve your understanding in better way :))-

C++ has a large library for DSA Link
Name any in-built function that python has C++ has it as well.
C++ also has many Data Structures which are useful such as Ordered Sets, Red Black Trees.


Thanks Bro…

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For example ,sort function. Both c++ and python has it .