Is repetition same exercise good for begginer programming

hello i’m just newbie in programming and when i study programming i like to repetition the same exercise is that okay or i need do another way?

hi i 'm also a newbie but i think solving same group sums doesn’t help much because already know the answer whats the use so i think try solving other exercise helps better
so we can get better as the difficulty increases
a friendly advice newbie to newbie :slightly_smiling_face:

okay but when we go to next step usually forget the before step

Personally I recommend solving tougher questions. Because what you learn from comparatively easier question will be used as a step in harder ones. For example you will think that you should revise and revisit some algorithm like Mo’s, Kadane, DSU or anything. But as you will solve tougher questions, you will have to revisit them, not one time but dozens. So I advice to keep solving and move ahead. But yeah, its about personal preference as well.


thx sir