Is string operations on python faster than cpp?

I was solving a problem, where I was given a string and Q queries (1<=Q<=10^5). And each query was of the type- String S Integer X , where S can be “Left” or “Right” denoting left shift and Right shift operation and X represents, the units by which I have to shift.
I used this GFG Code, but it gave me TLE in 2 test cases. But when I did the same using python slicing, it passed the tests.
So, is string operations fast on python?


Read this:

Hope it’ll help you!


Thanks. Got it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its known that Python is inherently slower but CodeChef could be having different time limits for diff languages. On this, pls check below :-

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generally inbulit operations are made very much optimised.

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Codechef does have different time limits
for a solution in C/C++ Codechef usually gives TLE only after 1 sec but it gives TLE in java after 2 secs

Some naive codes work in one language but give TLE in the other is because of different speeds of doing certain operations

Your case is an example of it

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