Is the contest schedule glitching?

Please note that the majority of my questions are aimed at “ACM-ICPC Practice round 2014”.

I stumbled upon this website a few days ago, and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, and really looked forward to competing and practicing and meeting the members! I checked out the compete tab first and saw there were a few competitions starting in the next couple days. Very exciting!

So two days ago, I return to the site to see the contest that was supposed to start in a day or so, is now in the past contest section. Why was it in the past contests if it hadn’t even started yet?

Now today, I check again to see the same contest is now in the “present contests” site. But it hasn’t started yet! It’s start date is: “2014-12-13 21:00:00” which unless I’m reading it wrong, that means it starts at 9PM EST today. So, shouldn’t it be under future contests?

Sorry about my confusion, I promise I’m not trying to put down the website at all. In fact, I’m asking these questions because I would really like to start coding and learning on this site.

Also, why is it so hard to get back to the homepage once you go to discuss.codechef?


As far i know codechef follows Indian Standard Time (IST) [UTC+05:30] whereas Eastern Standard Time (EST as you mentioned) is [UTC−05:00] and due to that you might be having problem…

And so you may check your timezone at this link:

So i would recommend you to check the correct time of contests in your Country… :slight_smile:

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Are you talking about something like this?

alt text


@mcmc2012 , as far as seeing the “past contest” in the upcoming or present contests list is concerned, this happened because these says codechef is organizing ICPC practice rounds DAILY. So, one night the contest is in past contests list, the next day it comes into the future contests list. The rest of the confusion might be due to the time zones :slight_smile:

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Is there no feature to view the time in your timezone? Without having to translate every one?

@mcmc2012 currently there is no such feature to view time in your timezone directly from codechef’s contest page

Also, if this website is aimed at those from India, why is the language in English?

@mcmc2012 :
Not just that, Codechef is a global community and is helping programmers all over the world by giving such a good platform. It is not just bound to India.

I agree with the last line. There should be some tabs or drop down list on discuss.codechef so that the users can be redirected to other pages easily.

Yes thats true there is no link on discussion forum page (i still didn’t found any) which redirects on main page… :frowning:


Write all your problems to . And lets see whether codechef improvises your suggestions or not.


Codechef contests [Long, Short, Lunch Time] problem statements are also available in Mandarin Chinese and Russian.