Is the result of Codenation offcampus drive released held in 21st july?

Can anyone tell me when will the results of codenation round 2 will be out?? Or if the result is already out in public? Has anyone got mail regarding it??

I’m still waiting for Round 0 results taken on 1st Aug, do they not inform if rejected??

Exam was on 21st July???

Yup, off campus drive, so am I rejected?

Result nhi aaya hai lagta h?? kisi Ko mail aaya h toh reply kare??

Atleast answer my question, am I rejected??

@indrajeet_12 , did u give 3 telephonic rounds??

I think results are not out.So, I was asking if anyone has received mail??

Please, use some punctuation in the title, it’s deceiving!

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We got the result for our on campus drive through our Placement Cell. We didn’t get any mail.

@indrajeet_12 btw Congo for passing 3 rounds(coding,0,1) of Codenation interview :slightly_smiling_face:

@nagpaljatin141 Bro round 1 was aptitude and round 2 was coding?? Bro I congratulate you on being a master in codeforces while I am just a specialist also being a 5 star here.How many questions did u solve in that round? I could only 27/42 in first and 8/16 in third question?

I misunderstood Round 2 to be 3 rounds after the Coding round since the topic was deceiving, I solved all 3 full, although if u had solved atleast 1 complete, then u could have been selected. I think Coding round results have been mailed to all those selected.