Is there a way to load the old problems page by default?

I don’t like the new interface with the code editor next to the problem statement. I understand that there is a full screen button to hide the editor and a ‘switch to old problems page’ link as well. But clicking them for every problem is annoying. Is there any way to go to the old problems page by default?


Yeah, as an old CodeChef user (when CodeChef belonged to Directi, not Unacademy) I was shocked to see the site change so drastically. Personally, I feel most changes are definitely for the better. However, I do agree with OP @dumbledog that there should be some setting to get to the old problem page by default.

As far as I am aware (checked a week or two ago), there is no such option available… I could only find settings to Show/Hide problem tags by default.

Honestly, I don’t really mind the new problem page, but I sure am more comfortable with the old one. I think there should be an option to make this change @admin
At the same time though, this is kinda similar to Google Kickstart’s problem page, so might as well be accustomed to this.

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We will definitely be sunsetting the old UI in a while. So unless there’s some concrete suggestions you can give which we can work upon, we’d recommend that you just get used to the new UI :slight_smile:


Hey @admin why do none of the new problem pages have links to Editorials or embedded video solutions, et cetera? These were really helpful while solving problems and were a good feature of old problem pages.

Maybe you could add these features to the new problem page as well

@wicked_knight — both text & video editorials are present under the “Solution” tab

oh, my bad. I didn’t notice… oof

The new UI actually takes longer than the old one to load… I think the UI could be made a bit faster…

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We went backwards with this UI, copying Google Kickstart or some…
How can such higher load times be justified?