Is there always a way to solve a problem instead of using DSA?

Is there always a way instead of using DSA ???

Yesss, you can write all the test cases in the if statement and answer to them also, but to predict the same test cases as the ones in the question depends on your luck


Your question is not clear. Every procedure is an algorithm. If anywhere there is data, there is data structure.

What are you trying to ask?


Yes, as long as it’s not a coding problem :slightly_smiling_face:


Techinally all problems solved by sequence of steps. Which makes any task whether it is coding or not an Algorithm.

just want to ask a question not related to this post?
If i submit an answer a long challenge question and get WA… would it still mean that i participated in the contest. Yes or no?

Yes that means " u made a submission" and participated in contest

No. You’re considered a participant only if you scored more than 0.

No, In last long challenge I lost almost 200 rating points due this.

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No, you are wrong in one contest I lost 150 rating points just because I was stubborn to move to next question and also wanted to check does participating and not solving even a single problem will effect my rating or not

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