Is there any format of input and output in program ?

is there a way of taking input or giving output in any programming language ?

Please elaborate your question as to what do you want to ask???
If you are talking about the input output methods of any programming language then yes each programming language has its own input output methods.

For C -

For C++ -

Similarly each and every language has its own method of input and output.
But if you want to know about the input and output format of an online programming site then it is a different thing.
For example if a question says the input will have 3 lines and each line has a character and an integer then the input will look like

A 1

B 2

C 3

And if the output will contain all the given characters and sum of the integers separated by a space then your output must look like



In context of codechef.

@nitishkrsingh I have already told about the i/o format of codechef