Is this a bug? What exactly is my rating/division? I am confused

The last contest I participated in was starters 13 which is reflected in the graph. When I open any contest it says I’m in division 2 (ratings>=1600). I am curious to know what’s going on.

Check this thread

That is not the issue I am facing here. My ratings have already been updated. I was at 1617. After taking part in the last contest I either lost 17 points or 18 points. If you check the right side bar, the ratings are 1600 which suggests I lost 17 points which keeps me in div 2 (3 stars). But the graph and the icon next to my username shows I lost 18 points which downgrades me to div 3 (2 stars). Normally, 1 point does not matter but here it makes the difference between whether or not the next contest will be rated for me.

It’s updated.

Yes. Finally