Is this a problem in Codechef's rating system?

This is my rating card:
Net Ratings: 2144

Long Challenge 2092

Cook-off 1832

LunchTime 1688

This is someone else’s (who is very close to me in cook-off)

Net Ratings: 2209

Long Challenge 1962

Cook-off 1831

LunchTime 1656

As you can see - the 2nd profile’s rating is less than 1st in all individual contest categories, but the overall rating is higher somehow. Is it ideally possible? Can someone please explain, how?

@admin - Please have a look.

You can also compare it with my rating. :slight_smile:

I think external rated contests like ProCon are not considered in the above 3 categories.

Your rating drop may be the most reasonable explanation for this. Two important points:

  1. The overall rating is calculated independently and not affect by the other 3 ratings (source).
  2. There is a factor called volatility which determines your rating changes (source).

I see that both your overall and long ratings were dropped, but I cannot find any information on how the volatilities were impacted. So it may be that your long rating was volatile enough to exceed the other user’s, but your overall rating was not.

LOL. compare your ratings with me man. XD

Yours is not comparable. You are ahead in LTime category.

Good point. But none of the 2 profiles are involved in any external rated contests.

Thanks @meooow. I guess, then it is simply encouraging to create new profiles as you get better.