Is this a SCAM?!

Not long ago, Codechef announced a new prize structure, which seemed to be a very positive step & motivated a lot of young and amateur coders to pep up their preparation.

Having scored a rank #83 in September LunchTime, I deserved a reward of Rs. 750; for appearing for the first time in the top 200.

But, the reality is, it has been 5 days since the contest, & there seems to be no urgency on the side of the admin team, to get the winners rewarded.

I’ve received no confirmation email ( as was promised), no notification, absolutely nothing.

So, the basic question that arises in my mind is- “Will I ever get my reward or was it just a SCAM?”

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LOL, you couldn’t even wait for 5 days.

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Relax bro you will get the reward. It takes about a month time in receiving that mail. I have got the reward for August Cookoff on 21st Sept this month. So wait for a month you will also get the mail.