Is this considered plagiarsim?

This has probably been asked before but is using someone else’s public, online implementation of a data structure ( not the whole problem, just one data structure ) allowed in Long Challenges?


Damn you are 5 star, You are great if you never used others implementation till now. But I guess you can do it, if you understand it completely and can implement it by your own.

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  • Taking help or using third party code is not bad. Passing it off as your own is. If you are taking your code from some other source, it is expected that you give the due attribution to the source in your code. It is mandatory. The third party code should have been available publicly before the relevant contest began, and not created during the contest. And if questioned, the proof of burden rests on you to prove this beyond a doubt.
    But in case you have missed giving attribution to a third party code, and you get caught in our plagiarism check, then you have the option of proving to us that this was indeed a publicly available code.
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@all_too_well Thanks for this. I did manage to find this page before but didn’t read it completely.

@codingisez now that I think about it, I have used a segment tree implementation from codeforces.

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