Is this contest Rated or Not?

I just wanted to know what codechef challenges are rated. Because nothing is mentioned in the contest page saying so and so contests are rated.
For example there is a contest called MCODE is that rated ?

No its not

If a contest is rated than it would be stated and also the division for which it is rated.If it is not rated than nothing would be mentioned since there is no need.Although there might be some prizes in the external contests which you can find about in their description page.

The three monthly contests - Long Challenge, Cook-Off and Lunchtime are always rated contests. Apart from that there is something called “External Rated Contests” - for example Coder’s Legacy that happened a few days back - only for such contests (in my opinion) - (Rated) would be mentioned with the name.

Well, not rated, but Worse Contest ever seen, my first submission is running for past 45 mins.
Contestants don’t even know whether their code is right or not, whether one should start his next problem or focus on current problem!!!


@satyam_3080 yes bro I have submitted 20-30 mins ago but processing still running.

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@mayur_chrs @satyam_3080 same here