Is this some glitch? edit: issue resolved

June Lunchtime 2022,
My ratings before contest : 1471, Rank in contest : 10
@satyabrat ratings before contest: 1478, Rank in contest: 13

My +delta = +129
His +delta = +177

Logically, my delta should be around 170.

My profile : lntrovert | CodeChef User Profile for Hi | CodeChef
His profile : satyabrat6931 | CodeChef User Profile for satyabrat6931 | CodeChef

Is this some glitch, or done on purpose?
@admin Please look into it.

Not sure what you mean. Your delta is +171, and not +129. Maybe try Ctrl+Shit+R once.

And rating deltas can’t be easily compared just based on ranks. It depends on the particular user’s history as well - Rating Mechanism | CodeChef

My rating got updated.
Acutally, I made this post 3 days ago and it got approved just now. Thanks for replying though.

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