Is This Website Are Good?

Hi everyone, I Want to know that is the following websites which i know for beginners are good or not?
ie thenewboston mycodeschool codecademy .

Answer my query please.


@vipin123 yeah i think they all are good after seeing there contents and way of teaching however i have also studied from this sites.


Just learn the basics from any website(e.g-thenewboston, I don’t know about 2 others). Then start solving problems. Then when you’ll get any problems,just google it(e.g- “how to use vectors in cpp?”). You’ll get a lot of websites or links,open-read-implement. That’s how I learnt. Hope that helps/ It helped me,not sure about others. But you can give it a try. :slight_smile:

Happy programming.


@arpn you are right My code school is good because it tell how to decrease our time limited in programming as you can try it.

Happy programming

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He thats a nice website tankyou


I have taken courses on codeacademy and find it really awesome the way they designed the course. I also watched few videos of thenewboston and mycodeschool on youtube and find them really helpful at times.

2 Likes is also a very good website for beginners.

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Yes these are goood. Have you tried learning DP with Tushar Roy ?, Youtube. They are also very nice.

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can anyone post link for learning Dp not using videos lectures…?? thanks in advance

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Dp cant be learnt by reading stuffs only.

You can read CLRS once or twice.

Then you have to practice hard in order to include DP in your Arsenal.

Although there are some tutorials.Google it.


@rcsldav2017 you can learn DP only by practice. Start with questions like number theory,maximizing and minimizing costs, then move towards editing sequences and path problems. The most important part is that every DP question that you solve whether on your own or editorials you always make a DP table in your notebook for every instance of indexes. You may print the dp table in your output and try to understand. I am also a beginner in DP so disclosed my strategy.

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These websites are good to get started. Once you are familiar with the basics, you can start solving the questions here. Start solving in the most solved order as then the difficulty increases when we move forward and you will learn more and more.

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hey tanks thats a good idea