Is time limit different for different languages?

I have seen many submissions on many problems where someone has done the problem in python or java and that takes more time that the given time limit and still gets AC. So is there different time limits for different languages?

If so, how can one get to see the changed/increased time limit?

Of curse, it is only because the language is different, python is interpreted language and it makes ti very slow, Java it is JIT compiled and it makes in some cases slower than C++. C++ is fast but there are some bottlenecks such as the C++ STL that has some inefficient algorithm for competitive programmings, such as the smart pointers that are used inside the implementation make it more slowly.

To answer at your question, it depends, I know some judge hat takes the time limit from a standard implementation. Well I think at this point the answer is depends from the Judge implementation.

So, only to make a comparison about what Iā€™m saying, a C solution can be judge different from the python solution simply because are different implementation

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This link provides almost all details of platform. This is a blog (last updated: 2009) where Admin mentioned time limit multipliers for other languages.

link provides info about time limits used in Hackerrank. You can calculate the multipliers.
I guess codechef also uses same multipliers for respective languages.

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