Is topcoder having internal server problem?

I am sure this is not the right place to ask these types of questions. But I can’t help myself but write a post regarding Topcoder on Codechef :smiley: . I am quite frustrated by now. From past 2 days , I am having issues while practicing on Topcoder .The issue is when i try to compile , request time out error is shown. I just want to know if its internal server problem or problem is with my browser or internet connection .
I am facing problems of two types :-

  1. When i try to open problem statement on Topcoder Archives , blank page is opening. Examples :- Alignment , Coastlines.
  2. I get request time out error while compiling code on both web arena and applet arena .
    I tried to contact Topcoder Support today, but there is not any clarifications about it by now.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

TBH very less coders here participate on topcoder . ask on codeforces they might help.