Isn't Python enough for excelling in competitive coding?

I am new to competitive coding and I am enjoying it alot and wish to excel in it. But one thing that bothers me is, how much does my performance get affected by the language I choose. Presently I am participating in all the challenges and solving problems in Python but when I see someone’s profile with 5star or 6star rating he/she is mostly using C++ or C. So is it that at some point in my journey towards excelling in competitive coding I’ll have to switch from Python to something else? Or if I work hard with Python I can excel in it as well?

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keep python
but learn c++
use both of them accordingly
python will not be useful when
->places where there is same time limit for all lang(like codeforces)
->u have to allocate >10^7 units of memory and do something
->write a program that takes >10^7 ops and still pass
->less community support for python
(all good coders talk in c++ so better we learn the language of toppers)
uses of c++
->no need to worry abt time limits for a code that is optimal
–>stl support
–>good community(like vijju bhai and smit bhai ) they help in c++

(i would recommend pyth for smaaller prob but use c++ for data structures and problems with strict time limits)


@ashokshaun Thanks alot buddy, can you suggest me a good source to learn C++ from scratch ?

don’t learn much abt language
learn STL and then start practicing prob in c++

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