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the problem statement : CORUS Problem - CodeChef

my first solution link which is right as i have checked my solution with other users fantastic code: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

other users fantastic code: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

i don’t understand what is wrong with my code this has reduced my rating pls help @admin :smile: :smile: as it was considered to be wrong i kept on submitting the code may times which has increased the wrong count too

i have imported library to make things easier most have written the logic some solution were accepted even with library import too.

this solution has logic mostly same as mine pls help @admin

Because your code doesn’t print any answer.Check it again by running it in codechef’s idle itself by giving custom input.

for custom input it gives correct answers

Your program not even takes necessary input
run it on any online compiler and check

I don’t think ctrl+c and ctrl+v will have any issue.I have copied your code exactly and gave the sample input and its giving no output.If Im wrong then whole codechef’s idle is wrong.

friend pls once wait i have sent other sol pls wait once :sweat_smile:

the link of solution:

yeah it works now but it gives wrong answer because if(my_list[i]-centers >=1): then you need to do n=my_list[i]-centers + n but not n=my_list[i]-1 + n.So change it and submit it will give you AC.

tried this friend :sweat_smile: but saying wrong answer


pls see this

see this

You are getting WA because you are not traversing the whole array,you are leaving the last element.
Instead of [for i in range(len(my_list-1)):],[for i in range(len(my_list)):] this should be present.
I have changed that and submitted your code and it gives AC.

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tq friend and how to increase my rating and keep it steady ?

Just go on doing any contest you get.Actually this question doesn’t suit me because i’m not maintaining any.I’m just doing whatever contest I can.If u really want the rating participate only in long challenges,which I don’t do and that is the reason my rating graph is fluctuating.Even in april whatever rating got increased in long challenge was lost more than that in april cook off,april lunchtime and recode 2.0.So finally if you want rating go for the long challenges,if you want to improve go for whatever you can.Yeah also if you are just in 1st year then don’t worry u need to improve if not u need to practise hard.As you are new here,it might be difficult now,gradually you can improve.

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