ISPC Online Round Results

When will ISPC Round 1 Results come? The Online Round 2 (according to the site) is on Saturday, 23rd November.

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Today is supposed to be the 2nd round but there is nothing in future contests. And also results are still not out


Nevermind, they sent an email to the qualified participants that there is no second online round.

hey but i am 3rd in my state ( dont ask how i know, acually i opened all users account and saw the state :smile:)

but i got no mail regarding that

They didn’t announce the selected teams yet.

hey dormordo can you be online at

SchoolAlsoCodes server

Well, I did get a mail.

thanks have a great journey :slight_smile:

You rank in ISPC ?

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They are number 1 lol

I got rank 16 in schools and rank 1 in my state ( I guess). Will I be selected as I haven’t got any mail yet

How to know the rank of the state ?

me too not got any email

Hello guys ,

I just was clearing spam today and I was surprised to see ISPC mail there
So guys , everyone check their spam
It will be there

i haven’t received an mail regarding the same (4th in schools)

(btw we started one hour late(read wrong time) and couldn’t submit solution of last one due to a matter of 10 seconds :frowning:

Hello @kshitij_789

Make sure you check your mail spam
( i am 15nth and i am selected so you will definitely be selected )

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do you have any email to contact ISPC for the queries

its not there in spam also

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yes they have given it in the mail

Gmail :

Sudheera Y S

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