Issue Regarding Unidentified Problem solving and entering an unknown competition

Respected Administrator,

This is to inform you that last night someone seems to have logged into my account unethically (hacked in simple terms) got to a competition of which I am unaware of some competition arranged by Indian Institute of Information Technology,Una. Now whoever had solved the problems they did so badly so as a result my reputation has fallen down. I only participate in long challenge , cook off and lunch time. Even there was no notification to my email about suspicious login. Please see to the issue. Please I request you to remove all those activities during the last hacked login. The situation has become quite worse for me. a critical look into last days activities reveal a few things. The said competition started at 9pm(IST) and the first submission was done long after that and then the rest two in after few minutes. Strictly speaking if you add up the time or rather subtract it from current time, you shall see that the time of submission of those solutions are around 11pm. Why the heck will I submit so late. Please see to it sir. It is matter of Justice and self reputation
Please help me out, I beg of you.

you are not a red coder to hack your account.

why do they even solve the first one fully if they want to fall your ratings.


because you havent solved until then.

Don’t be too boast ful about your 3* ratings. And you never know what is within one’s mind. I had requested admins and not you. First you try to become a red * rated then try to insult others. It’s probable that someone did so. Ahh you are challenging me then . Well I shall show up with all MY solutions to the codes within a couple of hours. Rest assur d


you care about the ratings im not . As This line says

so stop lying or have some brain to know how to keep password safe

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Dude administrator cannot do anything about it, you need to keep your password safe !

To safeguard your “self reputation” you must work for it, change your password and keep it safe. Admins are not bothered about it nor is anyone else.

I don’t lie. And yes I agree to have kept my passwords safe. I too don’t care about rating provided I had solved them personally. Why wouldn’t I be bothered about a child who is not mine

Okay I shall see to that henceforth

dude grow up , what type of nonsense is this :joy:
you seem new to cp , just understand the fact that one needs to keep on practicing, and while doing so the ratings keep on going up and down…
I don’t know what made you write this post, I guess it’s the first time here that you saw sudden drop in your rating. Just relax, and solve the problems which you were unable to during the contest by taking help from the editorials, and try to take part in as many contests as you can. You would surely be benefited.
Good luck! :slight_smile: