Issue when compiling

Hello , so I was practising the practice questions and I use Vs code for compiling and typing out my program but when I want to submit it , it says compile error even though my program works correctly on Vs code , even after making sure the selected language is (C++ GSE 16 ) what do I do ?

can u send a screenshot bro

yeah sure , this is an example for the mirror question

Sorry now it’s saying it’s the wrong answer even though I checked the sample input to see if I get the same output as the sample out out on Vs code which I did

With CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone, given the test input:


your solution gives:

Enter number123

but the expected output is:

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Yeah, so as said by @ssjgz , you’re not supposed to print prompts. Just read input without printing “Enter number” unless asked.
There is no one explicitly providing you the input (like I mean, there is no person behind the scene).
Kindly read Input and Output format before you attempt.

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Ohh , I’m soo sorry , I feel so dumb . Thank y’all

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