IT placement preparation vs Competitive coding

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I strongly feel this is quite a noob question and may have been asked before on this or multiple platforms too, but I have not yet gotten a satisfactory answer, so I request you guys to please clear my question, TIA

Can someone please put up a clear demarkation of how is IT placement preparation different from competitive coding? What is the difference between the topics of both? What are the different suitable handles one is supposed to use for both? What is the difference in the type of questions?

Competitive Programming helps frame better logic. Placement preparation is, so far, concerned only with cracking coding interviews - it works when the interviewer asks the questions you have already worked on during preparation.

What if the interviewer asks new problem (at least new to you)?

How would you approach the problem?

What I would suggest is, Competitive programming should be a habit. It enhances coding skills. One can start preparing for the Placements 3 months before the placements start. It will not require much efforts to crack any interview.

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Comepetitive Programming for ->>Online coding round that is Round 1

Leetcode /Interview bit for second round (face top face interview ) Round 2

Without Qualifying round 1 you cannot go in round 2…

Also you need to solve questions in limited time so give more short contest (like on codeforces ) and mock test as you will have to solve in pressure in very less time …

ONLINE CODING ROUND ->QUestion are of Competive programming level(no leetcode and interview bit ) ,and they are hosted on haerank and hakereerath platform >>> Big companies like DESHAW ,GOLDAMN SACHS ,DIRECTI,OPTIVER,google ,microsoft …The questions will be totally new and bit tough and you will not find it anywhere even if you try to google them …

There is no point in solving leetcode and interview for online coding round bit as they will not be repeated and level are low … ,they help in face to face Round 2… and without CP you will not reach Round 2…

So focus on Competive programming …othewise you will regret…



Goldman Sachs test on hakerank (similar level and BIG PARAGRAPH TYPE QUESTIONS ON CODECHEF AND CODEFORCES)

Donot listen to those people who say that Competive progarmming is not necessary …and they keep on spreading nonsense and lies that you should do projects on web dev and leetcode …

If you will not qualify online coding round then you will not meet interviewer in round 2 …then Whom will you show project on web-development ???
If you donot qualify online coding round then what is in point solving interview bit and leetcode which is asked in round 2 -face to face ???

Competive programming is super super Important …>without it you will not be able to qualify online coding round 1 and then cry and regret and then you will see your freinds who kept doing codeforces and codechef qualifying for round 2 then feel demotivated …so keep giving short contest .


Really really thankful for your detailed answer! @ayush29azad

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Not all roles require problem-solving skills. Examples include Front-end web developer, UI/UX Developer, Marketing Engineer etc. (High packages are offered for these roles too)

So, Competitive Programming is not mandatory at all. There are many people who never did Competitive Programming but have secured jobs in one of the roles mentioned above.

As I said,

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