It will be justice to all if this LUNCHTIME is made unrated :)

500 Internal Server Error occurred during accessing the contest and now due to servers solutions are not getting submitted. @admins Look Please look into the matter


I DO AGREE WITH THIS , the 500 error and overload on site is just a mess. It is taking 30 min for a solution to be checked ,if there is error in code or your code is WA it will take 30 min to let your know and you have to start from beginning and questions can’t be loaded too.


Because of COVID-19 and world is lock down and home quarantine.
I think all the CPers are utilizing the time and everyone is in front of PC i gues and trying to put hands on every contest and this is a rated one we can expect lot of hands.

Due to heavy load the codechef server is not handling the load. I think they have to increase the capacity of the server.

It is good to see all the CPers are utilizing the self quarantine days :wink:


If the guys at codechef would have looked at the participation count on other sites, they would have known that a lot of people would participate.


They should realize that it will be a great load in the site. They should take step before the contest.

make this contest unrated.
then it will be justice for us

It ended before time

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same happen to codeforce div 3 contest which held few day.

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Codeforce has 3 mirror site to participate.

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Yeah exactly :frowning: But this is not fair ! we were desperately looking to Lunchtime now it has been a mess for us :frowning:

There was a lag of 2-3 minutes not Like this lunchtime it took about 20 mins to open the test

Ya man…This contest is bull shit

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KUKKA WASTED 2 hours of mi stupid life solving a pointless problem only to come to see the news that it is UNRATEDE!?

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Lol… same thing is now happening with discuss forum. 429 error

This happens during the online ICPC online rounds too !They should definitely do something about their servers

The mirror sites are very light and efficient. Thus CF works its way out of this.

Agreed to your point man :upside_down_face: :innocent: :wink:

I agree with you all.
First, CodeChef servers were not running efficiently. They regularly returned a 500 Internal Server Error.
And now, CodeChef has ended this LunchTime even more than an hour before the scheduled time.
This is really unethical. If you organize contests than please make suitable arrangements for it before. We don’t expect this type of thing from a platform of your reputation.

@admin Please do look at it.

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I don’t agree. My rank was 47 and there were full chances of getting into division 1 today but…the day was not with me.

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