Its been 2 days since I posted this but no one is helping !! Ouch

I am doing this [problem][1] but am only able to pass some test cases. Here is my

[2]. Can someone please tell me what is wrong in my code:( . @vijju123 please help me :::


Well since no one is helping , help yourself man…XD. Good luck

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It’s not the way in which you are asking for help. Most of the guys do not take interest in debugging a code without comments/explanation that is written by someone else. And one more thing while asking someone to debug your code you should first explain what was the problem ( okay, in this case you gave the problem link that’s okay ) and how you approached the problem and explain what you trying to do with each section of the code.


Thanks man you saying something means a lot…XD

Thanks for replying I have added some comments to my solution . Also the problem link is updated

yeah, agreed zacky_901, the OP really need it

I checked your question and wished I could have helped, but generally, it’s difficult to debug other’s code. I read your code only once and didn’t find any obvious mistakes. Maybe try stress testing, try more corner cases. If everything fails, see the codes of some other people and then find out what’s the error.

ok, will do:)

Thanks man I finally found the error in my code.:slight_smile: