It's time to leave codechef

Why always codechef conduct long challenge for only div 3 ?
There are only 4 contest in a months and outof 4 contest 2 contest is rated for div 3. I think it’s time to leave codechef and practice on other platform


And btw, you cannot leave Codechef. It is becoming worse than ever, but still, you cannot resist yourself from participating in contests - the impact Codechef made earlier will last forever (at least for me).


Common man codechef long is suspended temperorily for div 2 and div 1. They are looking for better ways to stop plagiarism till the time it is not rated for div1 and div2. If we have long challenge rated for div2 and div 1 then it will be much more easier for cheaters to be 5* or 6* and value of codechef 5* and 6* will decrease.

One more thing why you do so well on long challenges only ? and suck in short contests ?
Your solution for THOUSES in may challenge is different from your usual coding style , I won’t say much about that , we have plagchecker for that .

cheaters are most effected by this so its a great decision at the moment I would say.


agreed…CF se far better option.

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I feel there should be multiple short contests than long challenges ,cheaters gonna cheat even in these ones but who cares about these smart people all we want is to enjoy the COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@amul02 Byee…
Actually, No One Cares You Stay Or Leave
I Am Not Insulting You, I Am Just Telling You Only


better to leave than cheat like u

matching submissions

Solution: 46599805 | CodeChef
Solution: 46599367 | CodeChef
Solution: 46599498 | CodeChef
Solution: 46599805 | CodeChef

and a thousand others


Well, everyone knows that he cheated. He even confessed it. Why are you exposing him again and again?

Post comments about the theme of topic or share your views, targeting others is fairly not good.


Instead of writing blogs, it would be better if you practice for lunchtime and cookoff (which are rated for you), and if you are cheating then why are you saying its time to leave codechef (because you are unable to cheat in the long)


Well many people might not agree with me on this … but out of all the platform i personally feel that codechef has the best set of Questions from which you can learn a lot … Again CF is awesome but most of the time upto C or maybe D there are not much DATA STRUCTURES used there … whereas on codechef from one contest you can learn a lot of new things …


honestly, Iam quite happy about it…
it,s true that long challenge helps a lot to improve your rating(Though I never gave a long challenge)…but believe me if they encounter the plagarism then it would be even more easy to increase rating in long challenge…but how???
if anyone solve even 4-5 questions in a long challenge by himself then they ended up getting a good positive delta in their rating…as other won’t get the solution easily… :slight_smile:
so be positive…focus on short competition now…

also thanks to this div 2 and div 1 participants can give the long with more ease… I had bad tendency to stick to a problem for too long because once you submit in a long the contest will be rated for you. (and well it’s painful few days till the contest is over lol)

And the mental turmoil was pretty tiring. (At least that’s not there anymore so you can give long for fun or just for learning purpose alone)

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didn’t he accept this last time. I also mailed
I don’t think we need to dwell on that

@goodboybts @suman_18733097
but he cheated in june long as well
his sol : Solution: 47629733 | CodeChef
Exact match : Solution: 47831452 | CodeChef (including imports, every single character ) (and probably there are other soltns)

variables changed soltns : Solution: 47831136 | CodeChef
Solution: 47831366 | CodeChef
Solution: 47831383 | CodeChef
Solution: 47831484 | CodeChef
and thousand more

All these soltns are in the first AC page itself


Yeah, even if he cheated in multiple contests, there is no need to defame in a discussion forum. You can report them via mail. Anyways, even if you don’t report, those solutions will be definitely caught by MOSS.

hi @hari_2666 can you please take a moment to fill this form (Report Cheated Solutions). All responses are reported directly to the admin with 100% response.

A total of 100 mails have been sent by me to admin.

Lol great decision by codechef so far.

I know that no one cares other i am talking generally.

ahh, okok

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