It's very Important kindly review this @admin

To make Codechef best :: It will be dream only

see this problem statement and must see sample input output

is there any limitations or community guidelines on codechef?
as platform there should be @admin please before having live at least review the problem statements, characters used in them !


I have just written a blog on the same topic being too much offended about this kind of statement.As a problem it’s statement is unclear too.

I think it would be too harsh on Codechef if you will expect them to view each question uploaded on Codechef as it also contains huge no. Of unrated contests . The question is of unrated contests , there is a reason why it is unrated , If it happens with a rated contest then I think it is a big issue.

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It’s quite similar to codeforces gym. Anyone (qualifying a certain threshold) can make unreviewed contests there. The approach here is quite similar albeit, unrated contests are listed alongside rated contests.

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cc should ban these 3rd class setters id.

There is no fault in coding ,input ,output. …I just say that the word I use in statement if It is not clear to you then It is not necessary to understand .Cause ,anyone can code without understanding “that word” .and so I say sorry for using that word . But anyone can code it without any clarification .

This is like gym. How can you expect codechef to review it ?