Janmansh and Games

I have written the problem in Python(#Solution ID: 78638610) with same logic as used in this #Solution ID: 78638511 (in C++).
Please check it is showing wrong for me and right for others.

It should be print('Janmansh') instead of print('Janmash')

Thanx bro

And also I am facing run-time error in Mutated Minions #Solution ID: 78668528
Not understanding what is wrong.

I tried to modify the way you are taking input of the list
from this

z = list(map(int, input().split(' ')))


z = list(map(int, input().split()))

and it worked.
What I can infer from this is that there seems to be some inconsistent spaces in the input file which caused the runtime error.
For example consider

3 3
1 2 3

and this

3 3
1 2  3

The way you are taking input of the list will throw runtime error for the second test case that I have provided, but the way I have done it will handle that as well. It seems a problem from the author’s side while setting up the test cases.