Java I/O gives error?


Can anyone tell me why [](http://My Solution) gives wrong answer?

Looks like the output isn’t flushed - creating the PrintWriter with a second argument to the constructor with value true (enabling autoFlush) seems to do the trick.

Or you could just use System.out.println :slight_smile:


Ohh man :no_mouth::no_mouth: how did I forget it. Thank You brother.

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But when I had it in custom input it did not gave the error. :thinking::thinking:

Custom Input never does - it just runs the program with the custom input you give it, and tells you what your program output in response (in this case, nothing).

No Passes or Fails - just Input and Output :slight_smile:

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Thank You Man… this thing is really clearing my doubts …:blush::blush:

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