Java Programmers Chelper Setup for Competitive Programming | Setup Video

Hi Folks,

I struggled a lot during my initial days to setup CHelper which is an Intellij Idea plugin for parsing test cases directly from programming websites like codechef, codeforces, topcoder,etc.

There are a lot errors that pop up during installation so i made a video for all the errors so that folks struggling with the setup can easily do it now.

Video link : CHelper Java Plugin

Not only it parses tests but you can also add custom test cases as well as write Tester solution for a problem to validate your code.

All the best for next contest. Do drop a comment if you feel this helped. I will try posting more videos now like I posted in my previous channel Coding Brothers along with my friend dodobhoot so that beginners who are struggling find some proper guidance.

Sandip Jana

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