java programming skill:

hello friends I just started to learn java and now I have developed interest to learn more so can you suggest some sites or videos so that I can learn java by doing coding and doing some small projects

I also code in java but according to me there isn’t a single source towards learning java.but i would suggest to focus on collections for competitve programming and the implementation can be found in sites like geeksforgeeks.

Hey man!
Recently I found an article about a new Java online-course called CodeGym. I decided to go and… I like it! I have already passed 2 levels. They promise 1200 tasks and more than 500 hours of experience. The tasks can be solved directly on the site, they have a built-in IDE. There is a list of requirements that the program must fulfill and after checking the task it shows what is done and what is not. There are recommendations for correcting errors, etc. Lectures are simple and clear. If you’re interested here’s an article.

Hello Pankaj, Learning Java programming is a good decision because it’s a widely accepted programming language available today. You may refer to decodediary to learn java easily.