Java vs PyPy

Hi, I actually wanted to take advice regarding the language I should write in for competitive programming. I have been doing competitive for the last 10 months and have solved over 1000 problems but only in python and nothing else. I have 3* on codechef, 1551 on hackerearth and 1320 on Codeforces which seems that are very low in terms of practice I have put in. But actually I want to take this further to next level. But the comfort in which I write python is very easy. Like I have to only worry for the ideas and not the syntax for the language. And also I have never encountered the effect slow speed of python but still I have heard that some companies don’t even allow python to be used. So can somebody guide me that what all things are superoir in JAVA than in python, the libraries in Java wrt Python and everything for comparison that you might know.
Thanks for the help in advance

I completely disagree with your point that py lets u focus on logic unlikely other lang.
its subjective actually. I hav experience with with both lang (altho more in java) andi can tell u that i left py coz of indentation system.
java let u type as u want inside { }
but at the end its upto u

Adva of java in CP is far less as compared to c++
but still some noteworthy points abt java:-

  • better IDE support
  • libraries (altho py is good with this)
  • Collection interface
  • faster than py
  • completely OOP lang (i personally find it easy to learn Obj oriented way)
  • no indentation concern. clCopy, move, store code frm any where quickly. Useful for CP as we want to reuse our code sometime.
  • popular frameworks like spring, hibernate etc

About the companies, py is used for data science and research in ML sector. However its too slow for production. They use c++ for it


Firstly, I am not very good at CP but according to my experience you should go for C++. I recently switched from python to C++ (not completely though). Learn the STL well, it will really help you in CP.