JENGA Editorial


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Setter: Tejas Pandey
Testers: Felipe Mota, Abhinav sharma
Editorialist: Pratiyush Mishra






Chef hosts a party for his birthday. There are N people at the party. All these N people decide to play Jenga.

There are X Jenga tiles available. In one round, all the players pick 1 tile each and place it in the tower.

The game is valid if:

  • All the players have a tile in each round;

  • All the tiles are used at the end.

Given N and X, find whether the game is valid.


Let us assume it is a valid game that continues for M rounds then the number of tiles used will be N \times M as in each round a person will use 1 tile each. As we have to use all the tiles so we will get N \times M = X. We get the number of rounds by M = \frac{X}{N}.
Now we know for the game to be valid it should end after an integer number of rounds and its is only an integer if the number of tiles X is divisible by the number of players N. So, if it is divisible, then print YES otherwise print NO.


O(1) for each test case.


Editorialist’s Solution
Setter’s Solution
Tester 1’s Solution
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