JIT for python

I have heard about recently released JIT for python that is pypy.

Can anyone tell me about it in details about its implementations and can we implement in our codes in codechef?

Also can we use psyco for python 2.x versions on codechefs ?

Thank You . . .

Not sure about Codechef, but you can use PyPy on SPOJ in certain problems like PIVAL.

Regarding psyco, when I tried using it, I got NZEC, which is obvious because psyco isn’t part of Python 2.7’s standard library as far as I know.


But on codechef there are many accepted python solutions including psyco.

Cool, that’s what I said, I am not sure whether Codechef accepts psyco or not. If it does, that is great! Can you mention a link here for reference btw?

Yahh Sure!

I saw you tried submitting code for problem INTEST using psyco which might have resulted in NZEC Error but,

Here is one accepted code of same problem INTEST using psyco…

Link: http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/932217

Hey @wittyceaser

Can you please explain main part of your code you submitted for INTEST problem.

def main():
    n, k = map(int,sys.stdin.readline().split())
    print len([x for x in sys.stdin if not int(x) % k])

Chill guys. The submissions with psyco in python were at the time when codechef accepted python 2.5Now the moved to python 2.7 for which psyco is deprecated. I suggested codechef people to change that guidelines, but they seem to be busy. here is the link Psyco - Wikipedia .

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@chefkaushik94 I agree. Even I told them about the deprecated module. It has been almost an year now.

Okay so that was the problem… Thanks @chefkaushik94

And do you know any thing about pypy ?