Join free mentorship program by CodeNCode

Hello there Codechef community , its been a long time since I have been here.

I have started a mentorship program (for only 1* and 2* programmers , because of time constraints that I have) where I guide them personally and take live sessions.

Benefits of joining the batch

  1. Personal guidance from me (I have been 5* programmer at codechef and expert at codeforces).
  2. Live session in which I teach concepts on youtube and doubt clearing then and there.
  3. Assignment after every live session and later solution explained by me.

About CodeNCode : I already have many courses like Number theory , graph theory and dynamic programming on my channel completely free.
more than 300 lectures on my channel.

About mentorship program : Evolution : Mentorship Program | CodeNCode - YouTube
Onboarding process : Evolution Mentorship Program Onboarding Procedure | CodeNCode - YouTube

Thank you for your valuable time.


Hello sir can i get a reply

CodeNCode channel on youtube is no longer available containing a account terminated notification !!
Why and what’s happened with that ??