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2020 marks the end of the previous and the start of the new decade.

Are you already confused on how to kick start this decade? Well fret not, as we bring to you - The Lost Code 3.0.

You will be provided with executable files. Decrypt the pattern with the help of the input/output from these files.

Participate and get a chance to win exciting goodies
Date : 3rd January, 2020
Day : Friday
Time : 09:00 p.m.
Link to the contest :
Note : This is not a coding contest. Therefore everyone gets a fair chance at participation and at winning, irrespective of their branches.

The contest is organised by IEEE Student Branch — BIT Mesra.


Hey, interesting contest. Please share the approach for the Assignment Time and The Droid Problem

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It would be great if you could also share the approach for Crush 1 and Happy New Year

For crush, you had to check whether the digit sum is a prime or not. And since N is smaller than 10^9, you just had to compute less than 100 primes.


Oh thanks a lot for your help.

Assignment time : The three numbers which you entered were supposed to form the sides of a triangle. If the numbers entered could form a triangle, then cosine of the largest angle was the answer.

Really NaNDroid AnkurDroid : You had to output the number containing max number of set-bits


Happy New Year : Print the absolute difference between the number of even terms and odd terms of the array.


The editorials for all the problems are out. You may check them on the contest site.

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Really NaNDroid AnkurDroid :Can you please tell it in clear coz .exe files aren’t opening