Judge Error for interactive problem of Codechef Starters

I have been trying to submit this problem after the contest in the practice section, but every time I submit there is a error popping up called “judge error” ,also I can see that there is not a single successful submission for this problem after the contest , below I am attaching the problem link , I request the concerned authorities to take the necessary action and resolve the issue.
Link for the problem

The problem is resolved, my AC Submission

I am still facing the issue , can you pls help me submissions

It means that Interactive Judge was waiting for user input and User’s code didnt gave, so that Time limit exceeded.

Codechef Interactive have just two verdicts AC/non AC. Anything other than AC is WA. It doesn’t even support RTE/TLE verdicts. Judge error is not an issue with codechef but just another non AC verdict.
I looked at your recent submissions and you don’t flush properly.

  1. Removing #define endl is enough to flush properly. endl also flushes. Solution: 54058900 | CodeChef
  2. fflush(stdout) only works if one uses printf. cout.flush() is the correct way to flush when using cout. Solution: 54058907 | CodeChef

I suggest you to read Interactive Problems: Guide for Participants - Codeforces once.