July Cook-Off ratings suddenly decreased!

one hour ago my ratings were 1874(4stars) global rank(3504), country rank(2098) and now ratings dropped to (1713) global rank(8901) country rank(6187). will someone explain why this happens?

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This happened due to july cook off rating updates for further info see this thread.

Kind of weird, His ratings increased in july cook off if you see his graph. Drop them a mail as well. I will edit the Q so that @admin sees it.

my cook off rank was better than the previous all ranks (including cookoff ,challange and lunchtime). I expect this time my rating would increase, but to my surprise it decreased. can anyone tell the reason please???

Is there any way to contact admin??

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hey my overrall rating has decreased suddenly from 1890 to 1766.After july cookoff.I think it will not decrease
to that much.Can u please help please??

We are very sorry for the inconsistency. We are testing some stuff before updating COOK84’s ratings, and it has unfortunately been reflected publicly. This will be fixed soon.


my ratings decreased from 1836 to 1795 :frowning:

My rating increased tho XD

My cook-off got screwed because in Q1 i read “Bitwise XOR of the segment” instead of “Bitwise OR of the segment”. Lol. XD.


His rating just decreased my rating I do not know how first decreased then again increased after July Cook-Off. It was 1873 first it decreased to 1732 and now it is 1754.

Damn… I read it same as you @vijju123 :smiley: My wrong answers will have its solution lol!

Hahaha, that thing was really funny XD. This ‘X’ is root of all problem :stuck_out_tongue: