July lunchtime 2022 Ratings

As we all know July lunchtime 2022 ratings were updated in just 56 mins (or say an hour) after the contest got over. In my case it was 1792 and having got a rank 684 after solving 5/7 problems I expected a minimum of +8 to reach 4 stars. On the contrary I got a -5 and my rating was reduced to 1787.
Just wanted to know if these ratings would be re-evaluated and whether these ratings are premature ?

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as far as I am aware, the ratings are final.
You are aware that codechef changed their rating system 2 days ago?

They basically recalculated everyones rating and everybody now has a public and a hidden rating. They released the hidden ratings.
Your hidden rating before the contest: 1664
Your hidden rating after the contest: 1701

So you made +37, but because the old rating was too high, your public rating was reduced. Give it a few contests and it should even out.

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Thanks mate !
Will try and soar in the next contest :upside_down_face:
Also where do I get to see my Hidden rating ? Cant see any tab …

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You basically download the 41MB file and open it with microsoft office / libre office or open office.

Your whole data in the table:
Username: dexter_2000
Post-contest Display Rating (shown in profile page): 1787
Post-contest Elo-MMR Rating (not shown in profile page): 1701
Pre-contest Display Rating: 1792
Pre-contest Elo-MMR Rating: 1664
Number of contests particpated in till LTIME110: 10

And these stats you can see for 477889 user in the table.


Again thanks there, buddy !

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