June long challenge 2022 Schrodinger result?

Hello Community,

June long challenge 2022 ended recently.
Schrodinger was the hiring partner for that contest.

So when I can expect the communication from Schrodinger??
How much days it take???

Plzz anyone from the community resolve my query.

are you from 2022 batch ?
I’ve also applied for Schrodinger , but till now no communication happended .

Yeah, I’m from 2022 batch.
So when we expect the communication from Schrodinger?? This question is for you @admin

@amaan_3786 @sunny1872

The profiles of candidates meeting the JD has been shared with Schrodinger.
Based on their second round criteria, they will directly reach out to the shortlisted candidates.

Can you please tell, how much more time it will take???
Bcz I and my contacts that were eligible for this role and gave the contest haven’t received any communication from Schrodinger.