June Long Challenge Tutorials AFTER CONTEST

Hello Everyone.
(If you solved problems till 5 you can skip this post,have a nice day)
I am Ashish,I make video Tutorials for various contests.
I will be premiering the video tutorials on my channel at 3PM when the contest ends.
I will be uploading for problems 3,4,5 and maybe 7 if I can solve it.
Right now the videos are set to premiere meaning they can be viewed AFTER the contest ends.
Stay Tuned.
My Channel

Just don’t post it before the contest. :pray: :sweat_smile:


thanks :+1:

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Yeah, ofc not :sweat_smile:

I must say brother you seem to be trying very hard for top contributor. You are posting anything you can for every post you view. So desperate for laddus :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

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