June Lunch time Please help Me!


HERE IS THE LINK: https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/34874097

Post your solution link.

can you help me

i have posted the link

Go to the “My Submissions” tab and then open the solution and then send the link.This is not the submission link which you are sending.

please help now

It will be easy to read your code if you send the link to your submission :slightly_smiling_face:

sir i have given the link please help me now i dont no where i am going wrong

Bro i dont code much in Java but i saw your algorithm which i think was not correct,
So i changed your code a bit it got partially accepted in java but i dont know why its getting TLE for subtask 2.

Same Approach In C++ passed but Java got TLE.I don’t the reason as i am not much familiar with java.

Your changed code-Click Here (Partially Accepted)
Same Approach C++ AC Code-Click Here