Junior Ratings not updated for SEPT18B?

I have tried to raise this issue a few times in the past but to no avail.

When I view my profile and the Junior rating graph, I noticed that the Junior Ratings were not updated for SEPT18B, though they were for SEPT18A.

I would like to bring this to the notice of @admin (@vijju123 help me in doing this!) so that they can rectify the error.


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They haven’t been updated for September Lunchtime as well.

Yes, and besides that, the ratings for September Lunchtime and October Mega CookOff are separately shown in the lunchtime and cookoff graphs respectively, but they have neither been updated in the main graph, nor have they been updated in the main ratings

Is this a bug or did the team forget to update the graph? @vijju123 Help required over here.

Ping again @vijju123 @admin @admin2

@vijju123 Did you ping @admin? Or was this post ignored?

Ignored probably.

How many times do I have to re-ping this? Why doesn’t this post get any attention?

Maip me if I dont reply at forum. I can only deal with limited number of issues at once. I remember pinging admin about it, but forgot to take update. Let me reask