Just a question

Hello,I am sure you will feel annoyed when you see this question,I am new to codechef[:slight_smile: ]
I am a 12th grader ,I know data structures and basic algorithms(though I am not well versed in it) is it possible to qualify inoi,as I heard inoi will be held in January so I have nearly 3 months I am able to do most of zco problems ,could anyone please help?strong text

I know you feel annoyed with this type of questions but I don’t have any friends who are good in cp:-( :frowning:

(I tagged you because I think you know about INOI)

Sufficient amount of hard-work and choosing to solve the right questions for your level will do.

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could you please elaborate,please please i have no one to ask to this is my last hope

When is ZCO, bruh?

He being a 12th grader knows about INOI and ZCO & here me being in 2nd year,still dont have a clue bout this.
From where you get to know about these things man? :confused: