[Just Coding contest] Judge Verdict issue


I have participated the Just Coding contest yesterday.
I have tried the question Wednesday Thursday Friday https://www.codechef.com/JCWR2019/problems/JCWC05 at the beginning of the contest and submitted a third version at the very last minute of the contest.
The online judge always said that all my submissions were wrong.
I want to resolve this question today… but surprise, the page displayed that all my 3 submissions were correct!

So now, if you check the ranking list of the contest, you will find out something weird : I am ranked the 26th with 2 questions solved and with 3 green ticks… :slight_smile:
So I raise this issue to ask if someone could check whether there is a bug in the CodeChef online judge.

Thanks in advance!
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same with me…first i thought there are 7 days in week
and submitted …it showed WA
then i thought he would bunk only working days …changed code considering
6 working days(like our clg)
still gave WA
then thought few clgs(too many) have 5 working days …again WA
then went for 2 problem and solved it
today it shows that i solved both problems::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:

I admit it was my mistake. While setting the contest, I uploaded the testcases and the judge was set to “ignore white spaces” by default. At that time, I did not know that the judge was supposed to be changed to “ignores absolute and relative FP errors to 10^-6”. This was conveyed to me by Ankush Khanna
So I made the necessary changes this morning but the ranklist is not yet updated. That’s why this has happened. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you.


Hey the ranklist is updated now. There is no bug in codechef’s ranking system. Hope you enjoyed the contest. The problems have been moved to the practice section. Happy upsolving!

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@buzz_95 , My rank was 4 in yesterday’s contest and I am in second year so am I selected for onsite round in FY/SY category or not?

Yes you are selected, we will contact you for sure.