Just need a friend for competitve programming as i am noob

hey there guys,
myself praveen and i am what you could call a noob in competitive programming
i some of the times can just not understand even the editorial
looking for a friend who could also help me a bit with these editorial and stuff coz as i mentioned i am a noob
thanks a lot
You can connect with me at my email
praveenshahi26@gmail.com and we can continue from there

okkay, let’s discuss. aamodvardhanpandey2@gmail.com

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They never learn. Such a pity. ~Tom Marvolo Riddle


Try to practice more question topic wise and level wise and if you are getting problem then learn that topic gradually your coding will improve.
Try to learn concept from question.
thank you!


hi praveenshal i am also a noob in cp and recently began my cp journey if you want to lean topics together and editorial then mail me at subhamb2001@gmail.com

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yes I also wanna learn topic together due to peer pressure
I mailed you
Please check

Sorry bro I really didn’t got what you meant
Could you please explain a bit

ok , how you can connect ?

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Hey there brother
We can connect first on my email i.e
And then we can continue from there
And maybe hop onto discord or insta

do friendship with problem not with people.

Absolutely that is what I will be doing
But for that i must first have the motivation to solve those problems and peer pressure is a really great thing for such scenario as they say you are average of your 5 nearest friend
So ya that’s why I am trying to change my environment to make my habit seamless
And ya
Thanks for your time a lottt

brother i sent you a mail
have a look

Problems can only give AC, people can give memories.

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now that’s also correct